January 28, 2021

China tells Taiwan that independence “means war,” strange lights spotted in NC sky, Poland makes near-total ban on abortion, smart dogs can learn words without being taught, San Francisco removing “Lincoln” and “Washington” from school names, and 35th anniversary of the Challenger explosion! Tune in!

January 26, 2021

Where’s the name “Tuesday” come from? Also: House of Representatives transfers articles of impeachment, Senate confirms Janet Yellen, bear chases skier down a hill in Romania, OK lawmaker wants a bigfoot hunting season, unrest in Netherlands and India, most endangered bird in US makes a comeback! Tune in!

January 22, 2021

Biden’s administration off with a start, Republicans ask for Trump’s trial to be postponed, National Guardsmen in DC disrespected, rioting in Oregon, current COVID surge has reached its peak, Google uses AI to create new recipes, ISIS claims responsibility for suicide bombings, and Google threatens to remove their search engine from Australia! Tune in!